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Hello Neighbour,

This annual event now in it’s 22nd year raises funds that directly help Caledon residents in need. These are seniors, individuals, mothers, fathers and children –people that you likely meet every day that need help, the kind of help that is hard to see. Beyond Caledon’s abundance and beauty, poverty is well hidden.

Our neighbours in Caledon need your help! By choosing to generously support the Gala – a premiere event of the holiday season right here at home, you will make a difference! Don’t miss this opportunity to associate your business with this significant cause. When you act in the spirit of goodwill and generosity, everyone in Caledon wins!

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“It Takes a Village’ concept fits Caledon to a ‘T’ ... with all of our unique and special villages and hamlets that make up our town, it is truly remarkable when we all stand together. When Caledon businesses from every corner, every community donate to the Gala auction, the funds raised feed hungry children, fight senior isolation, provide life-saving rides to medical appointments, offer 24/7 care to help seniors remain at home, provide relief for caregivers and so much more. CCS has been serving Caledon since 1971 – it is where caring community starts!

Your contribution will be recognized on social media, on the Gala event website and in our event program.

Our profound appreciation for your ongoing support this holiday season.

Thank you,

CCS Home for the Holidays Volunteer Gala Committee