This year again we are embracing the concept of ‘It Takes a Village’ with a little twist on last year.  For 2018 we will be creating themed baskets of goods/services offered by Caledon businesses from right across our town and from great friends of the community from neighbouring towns. We will be presenting baskets for offer at the Gala by combining donations from all around Caledon – Belfountain, Palgrave, Mono Mills, Caledon East, Caledon Village, Alton, Inglewood, Cheltenham, Terra Cotta, Bolton and Mayfield West and more. These items will combine together to create incredible baskets for you to bid on while effectively connecting Caledon.

Every contribution is appreciated, and we hope you’ll participate.  We’ll show our appreciation of your support in our Gala program and our social media accounts.

To learn more and to donate, please contact our Gala team at or call (905) 584-2300, extension 260.